Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wall Street Journal's Mossberg Launches "All Things D" Blog, Conference Gateway

Just yesterday to an audience of journalists attending NBC Tech Correspondent Sree Sreenivasan's discussion on blogging at Columbia J-School, Anil Dash, Chief Evangelist of blogging platform company Six Apart said the Wall Street Journal was "behind the times" with blogs, new media offerings and open access to online content relative to other traditional business media outlets. (Full WSJ online articles are available only to print subscribers.) Update: Today the WSJ launched All Things D in blog format by none other than tech guru Walt Mossberg at the helm. (The tech beat reporters at the mainstream media are clearly the "early adopters" on their editorial staffs.)

According to "All Things D"

Because the site is wholly owned by Dow Jones, publisher of The Wall Street Journal, we aim to adhere to the journalistic standards of the best of the mainstream media. But, because it is run autonomously as a small online startup, we aim to exhibit the fresh thinking and nimbleness of the best of the new media. We want to be first, and sassy, but also well sourced and accurate. We will offer lots of opinion and analysis, but plenty of fact as well.>

Best wishes for success with All Things D on the new media platform.

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