Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wall Street Journal, CBS Cover Technology To Improve Campus-Wide Communication

Enough with the firms criticizing companies who issued press releases on their technology products and services that could help schools to communicate better with their student bodies, parents and teachers. It's clear that even top traditional media (let alone bloggers) feel their readers are looking for answers and are looking for future technology solutions to this problem. Clearly US Netcom was not aware of the risks involved with blasting a release via a wire service during this sensitive time for VT. Instead, companies such as Mobile Campus achieved the coverage the others had intended by contacting the reporters directly. See Wall Street Journal and CBS. The only glaring difference here was in the execution. Both companies were pitching technologies that might help all schools, universities, etc. to better communicate emergency issues campus-wide. Stop criticizing. Point to the good. Pray for those who have lost and are looking for answers.

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